Makers Market this Saturday!!!


Well aren’t we super excited?

We apologize for the lack if updates but we have been doing lots of makers market making… oh and struggling with university administration, but that is another story.

We will be updating this week with sneak peaks of our new products.

Hillhead Library
Look for the crochet, the geeky and the lovely new banner!!

Brand New! Commission Gloves!

This week has been super busy, super because that has been the theme of this weeks crafting! Last weeks fair generated a whole lot of super hero glove orders, custom orders for the super hero of choice. Every geek is different and everyone has their own tastes. Here are a few of the ones I’ve been doing for customers this week.

Here we have Robin from Batman and Fluttershy from My Little Pony (special brony gloves). They are all measured to fit and all colours and designs were agreed with the customer. These really are fully customization friendly.

We have a few more in the works, an order for Joker, Black Canary and Nightwing!

Do you have a favorite hero? Do you fancy having warm hands while you type but still want to be able to comment on your favorite blogs? Get in touch today to go through the design process with us, the result is gloves designed JUST FOR YOU!

At only £9 with P+P (£10 outside the UK) They are a geeky snap!

All gloves are designed totally by me using a full trial and error developed pattern (poor manpal has been the guinea pig for months!) and will be to your own color and logo choices all in line with our #SupportCraft ethos.

Fill out the form to get in touch!

Makers Markets Byres Road Confirmed


ThreadCetera has a stall confirmed at the Makers Market in the Hillhead Library on the 28th September 2013 11am- 2pm!

The market is a great gathering of crafters selling all sorts of beautiful hand made craft. Everything you see is handmade.

ThreadCetera will be bringing our wares; our plastic necklaces, our charm necklaces, crochet bunting, crochet mug cosies, our ever popular crochet gloves and BRAND NEW fabric make up bags!

We are very excited. More details soon! Watch this space!

See more information on Makers Markets here!

Glasgow by Gaslight Pics

ThreadCetera had it’s own stall (my first!) at the Glasgow by Gaslight fair on Saturday just past. Here are a few photos from the event!

The best seller of the day was our superhero themed gloves, pictures. I am currently doing custom orders for these and have orders for all sorts thus far. Custom orders are only £9 including all postage. Drop me an email at  or use the contact form below if you would like a design consultation or a quote! 

We had a blast at the fair and can’t wait for next years. Hope to see you at a craft fair soon!

ThreadCetera at Glasgow by Gaslight

glasgow by gaslight

So ThreadCetera will be selling at the Glasgow by Gaslight Steampunk convention!

Goods on sale include:

– Steampunk charms
– handmade charm necklaces
– Geeky Gaming gloves
– Crochet Victorian lace
-Abusive mug cosys
– Top hats and Cats

All with a distinctly Steampunk theme!

Pop down and say hello! Next Saturday 12-5pm!

Mid Week Etsy Finds #4 Upcycled Storage

This week I’ve been organising my room, my manpals room, my diary, my life!

So my mid week inspiration for etsy has been the world of storage. But not nasty plastic boxes or run of the mill ikea magazine holders, no I mean awesome reused and recycled storage… etsy style.

I present to you, the etsy best of upcycled storage treats!

  1. Coffee Sack Bag
  2. Vintage Book Storage Box
  3. Vinyl Record Album Storage
  4. Wine box Ottoman
  5. Suitcase Cupboard

Yarn Wrapped Bottle Ornaments

002I have a habit of ‘holding onto things’, looking at things I’m throwing out and saying ‘I could probably use you for something’. I also have a habit of sitting on Pintrest for hours. The two go together marvellously.

I’ve seen lots of these sort of crafts involving bottles and yarn so I thought I’d give it a go!

It really is as easy as cleaning out your bottle, taking the labels off, picking a yarn and wrapping… with a few tips along the way.

To help make it super easy here are the ThreadCetera tips to bottle yarn craft:

  1. PVA- It’s the best choice. UHU dries very hard and shiny whereas PVA goes clear and if you do the wrong part it’s easy to wash off. Also, this craft can get very messy very fast, PVA is just much easier to get off your skin after.
  2. Start from the bottle neck- Starting up the top is logical because of the bumb in the middle. If you were to start bottom, the wool slides up when you hit the curve bumb without anything to hit against. Doing this top down eliminates this and the wool goes round much easier.
  3. Double Wrap- Depending on what colour of bottle you use this varies in importance. Clear glass allows the wool to dictate the colour overall but if, like me, you have used coloured glass make sure to double wrap otherwise the tiny baby gaps show an awful lot of colour of the bottle underneath. D=
  4. Turn the bottle as you go- If you keep the bottle stationary and just wrap, although the side you are looking at looks marvelous as straight, the other side will end up with a lot of gaps. Turning the bottle means you can keep an eye on the wool all the way round.


I’m currently working on a few of these in various heights to sit together on the windowsill.

I find the whole process really calming, I would recommend spending some time on it.

See you soon!

Crafting Pals; Part 2- UHU Glue

Today’s crafting pal is one of the best friends you’ll ever come across. UHU glue sticks EVERYTHING  to EVERYTHING.

Paper to paper? Sure! Fabric to fabric? Yeah! Paper to Fabric to sequins and yarn? Absolutely! Beads to yarn to paper to doilies to… you get the idea.

I find it really useful as a tacking agent before using a lot of wool, I have a liking for wrapping wool round hoops and bottles… things I will show you when said projects are complete. It only takes a few minutes to tact dry and I leave for much longer to dry completely. It is much stronger than your average prit stick and easier to use than PVA. It’s one of the easiest things to use when card making, I can’t stand pva bottles…

It does have its drawbacks; it acts like mozzarella  stringing all over the joint until you sever the thread. To get round this squeeze with the lid nearby and put back on when done to avoid any more coming out the tube. As much as I love tea lights, this stuff is flammable so don’t go using any during that candlelit dinner.

I discovered this once more in my faithful pound shop. A tube generally lasts about 3 weeks if you use some every day (I do =D) and it is the glorious price of £1. It is stocked beside the hardware section and generally it is at the stores discretion if they want to sell to under 16s (not a dangerous substance but not child friendly I had it explained to me as I watched a girl be refused).

Crafting Pals; Part 1- Cheap Wool


When you are crafting on the cheap it’s good to know where you can pick up things to ‘play’ with. If I’m not working on a serious project then I refuse to pay more for materials than I have to.

I’m in the process of learning how to crochet, and results can vary. I was looking for cheap wool in interesting colours I wouldn’t feel to bad about if petals didn’t really take shape.

Poundland stores (most UK high streets) do a lovely 3 balls for the price of 2, £2 in case you needed the maths, making it about 67p a ball. I counted 12 colours on one stand, although this varied from shop to shop. I feel when it’s p. cheap then you don’t feel guilty about buying the more outrageous colours. Magenta and turquoise anyone?

Yeah, you feel a bit like an old lady going into a pound shop in the first place, and then heading to the wool section, but I feel poundland is a gem. You end up walking past things and say ‘oh, that would be useful’. I’m probably getting old, eh?

I would suggest that 1.5 balls is enough for a medium sized pair of crochet gloves (or so my toasty hands can tell you).