Day 3: Baby Gug!


I’m a member of the Glasgow University Gaming Society. I joined in my third year of university and met a right bunch of loonies… who I soon made my close freinds (and boyfriend actually)

If you haven’t met one, this is a gug. A good looking creature…
So I wrote a patern for one for our recent Gugacon gaming event and put it together. When they are babies they only have 2 arms thus the lack. The teeth have been embroidered rather than crocheted to make it ‘cuter’ than the above beast.

I was rather proud. 🙂

Day 1- Squishy Cat Amigurumi

DSCF1881I was in the trust pound shop the other day and came across parcel string. I did not really have much use for it in the old days but that was when I couldn’t crochet…

Parcel string is great to crochet with in a 5.5 or 6mm crochet hook. It is really sturdy and creates a surprisingly soft yet very strong finish. Originally I had wanted to make cat toys from it, but I thought I aught to test it out.

Low and behold! Squishy cat!


The pattern was very simple. Gained from the book found on amazon here, Puffy Pals by Sayjal, at £1.91.

The books patterns are really easy to follow and take less than 1 hour and a half to complete including features. There are so many variations on the basic pattern I’ve been having great fun with it! Parcel string is a really fun medium 3 balls £1!! Who can resist that!