Crafting Pals 3: Converting your PDF Patterns to Kindle

Belive it or not this took me an age to figure out.

I went to the kindle website and they give you some email to email to… nada, was not for happening.

The programme I use is called Calibre. It is by far the easiest programme to figure your way around thanks to it’s simple-as-pie layout and it works across all ebook readers.

It takes no time to install, once installed click ‘ADD BOOKS’ to add the patterns you’ve been downloading from Ravelry etc, ‘CONVERT BOOKS’ to convert them and once the kindle is plugged in, there is a big old SYNC button. It really is that easy. I wish there was more to say on the matter.

I find this method of doing things really handy; I can save paper and printer ink by just syncing them, leave tabs on my kindle to show where I’ve stopped. The Calibre programme also allows me to instantly update my library as well to delete all those finished patterns, meaning I don’t have to manually create files and use the fiddly kindle buttons ¬_¬

And the best bit is… it’s FREE!

Happy Syncing….