‘Popsicle’ bracelet



After seeing these all over pintrest and finally buying a bag of lolly sticks I decided to venture into the world of bending wood.

How to:

To bend, boil lolly sticks in water for 30 mins, allow to soak for 30 mins. Bend into a glass smaller than your intended size (this will swell up after painting and then go a bit loose on release) then leave to dry overnight. I found it helped to also leave to dry on a radiator so the wood goes properly hard again. Boil twice as many as you actually want to allow for breakages. Wood splits easily.

It is as easy as that, I imagined bending them would be so much harder than it was!

With the ones that don’t quite bend as much as you’d like, push a hole in the ends and tie through yarn.  The extra ‘edge’ stops the bracelet falling off your wrist, I find you don’t need to pull it too tight as long as the bracelet has curved enough to at least shape the top of your wrist. Before piercing, use insulation tape to stop the wood splitting. I used buttons instead of knotting the ends.

I think they look fun, but my favorite (the one I’ve been wearing) is my newspaper print one. I paper mache’d using block text passages from a magazine, the paper was not glossy or waxy to allow for the glue to stick. After covering the whole bracelet I put it back in the glass to dry hard.  It looks simple and I like trying to read the paper bits.

Bit of fun, kept me quiet while my manpal watched the superbowl. =D


The Lolly Stick Desk Tidy


This weekend I invested in lollysticks and insulation tape from my beloved pound shop. I quickly set about making a sort of desk tidy for my man pals room (the colours just don’t match mine, so he gets stuck with my stuff, natch!). They act as mini planks and are easily painted.

Click the Gallery for Instructions!

The Jewelry Shoebox



I loved my previous box craft so much (see post on my earring chocolate box) that when I acquired a handy shoe box with my new walking boots my mind put two and two together.

After dealing with the mass of earring that I own I decided it was a good idea to tackle the mass of necklaces, rings and bracelets that I own… and trust me this is the thinned out version!
I used egg box carton lid and insides as separators so I can easily lift out compartments to have a good old root around. Each bracelet can have a separate egg cup and so on. Everything looks so organised its easy to select what I want to wear.

The box itself had a quick lick of paint, white emulsion mixed with a purple colourant, and was left to try overnight. I’m just lazy but the box should ideally have 2 coats to make it even and cover any labeling.

I used a mixture of buttons and beading for the top, spares of this and that spread around the top of the box before labeling it ‘treasures’. I love using the foamy bit from inside chocolate boxes to raise up labels. I think it looks p. nifty.

And so there, my gems are hidden in a treasure shoe box. =D