Anxiety and Craft; the reason I do what I do.

Hello there!

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog, checked back frequently to see my endeavours and clicked the link button. It means so very much!

I want to be honest about why I’ve been blogging recently.

My crafting has meant a lot to me. Recently I’ve been put on antidepressants, had anxiety attacks and found it hard to keep my head above the waters of the everyday. My crafting has been a way out of this.

I’ve been crocheting, sticking, paper hording, knotting, sewing etc like a mad lady! It keeps me busy and I find it hard to get upset with a craft to play with nearby. I find doing something productive gives me more purpose and keeps my mind from thinking too much about what upsets me until I’m ready to deal.

I spoke to a friend about it, he called his experiences with it ‘small victories’ and the best way out the dark hole was to do something productive that gave you a sense of achievement  I totally agree. I would totally recommend it.

Finishing a crochet flower or a pretty ribbon project that I can sit back and look at makes me happy. I have something to show. At the end my head is clearer and I can tackle what it was that upset me.

Everyone is different. This won’t work for everyone, but it works for me.

Crying and crocheting is near impossible. Trust me, I tried. Crochet won.

Thanks to everyone whose read the blog, viewed a page, said something nice about my projects. It means a lot and hell… keeps me out of trouble.

Here’s to many many more!

~Emma @ ThreadCetera