Friendship Bracelet-ting Version 2.0- Cats


First and foremost, sorry for the photo on webcam… I left my normal photo taking device (my htc desire) at my manpals house! D=

After the success of last weeks bracelet making I’ve been dabbling in the more complex patterns available to me– all FREE via

I have completed Pattern #6775 (click for link)
This one is 2 cute cats face to face. It was a 16 string, 62 row, 2 day, 2 colour affair.
I used my trusty pound shop wool in white and black, sellotape to strap it all down and normal scissors for cutting. I added washi tape in a contrasting colour to keep the ends together in a more interesting manner than a big old knot.

I find with the larger weaves they don’t make very good bracelets but I’m planning on making a tote bag to stitch this onto.


  • Take it row by row, write down where you stop and start and that stops you repeating or missing rows out. It sounds like common sense but it is the MOST helpful tip I can give!
  • Make the middle strings twice as long as the inside ones. These strings will be doing much more knotting than the outside ones, I found this out halfway through when my middle 4 strings were 1/8 of the length of the rest left. A quick knotty patch job did the trick but the knots in the middle can be felt when running hands over. D=


DIY: Friendship Bracelets (with pattern)


This week I took a trip to the Art Store this week and invested in lots and lots of beads and thread.

I’ve been dabbling in the childhood craft of freindship bracelets after seeing some selling for over £5 in urban outfitters and downright refusing to pay the pricetag. At first I just braided for simple bracelets, pushing beads on every 10 repatitions or so. Before long I was trying more complex patterns and found a whole bunch of free patterns on which are really easy to follow. Knotting over and over is really calming.

I’m most proud of my cat bracelet. The bead is a ceramic shaped cat 50p from the art store. Thick cotton (35p a metre) is a nice alternative to leather, which when damp tends to smell a bit which with weather in Scotland is a real concern. :p. The pattern could not be easier (click for larger images):


  • Sellotape  is your friend- want to avoid looking silly holding string between your teeth or toes? Yeah? Stick it to the table.
  • A little bit more- Although you might have measured enough to go round your wrist, remember that string will be knotted over and over and will shrink down. Add an inch or so to compensate.
  • UHU need some more in your life- Instead of making large knots, my bff UHU glue on the end of the strings, held for a few seconds and left to dry drys nice and clear while holding firm.