ThreadCetera HQ; a little personal post about how I’m kicking depression one stitch at a time.

This week has been BUUUUUSSSSSYYY. With orders coming in for custom gloves, the etsy store doing well and official ThreadCetera stall stuffs (as modeled below so elegantly!) we’ve started to feel like a proper business!

picture018Here I am with my lovely new banner, flyers and business cards. I’m the proudest crafter! There is an excellent feeling about having your name on a business card:

I’ve been squeezing in orders, new stock ideas for upcoming fairs, blogging, my own personal projects and a new job! It’s been hectic but I’m loving it. I’m a far cry away from the sad girl of the summer. The changes I’ve made in my life have been good.

I’ve a new job, new environment, which has made me really look forward to getting up to go to work instead of dreading it. Some people thrive on the challenge of complaint, it was making me crumble.

I’m much more open these days about what is going on, I actually tell people when I have one of those days I can’t leave my bed… AND THATS OK. My friends and family are amazing. They say ‘ok, get well soon, I’ll be there on the other side’. I couldn’t ask for better people around me. Not only do they put up with my inane crochet chat, they make me tea, cake and help me through the bad times so we can enjoy the good ones together. I love them.
This is not even mentioning my brilliant boyfriend who has seen me at my worst; crying in a small ball while my head wanders in the rabbit hole. It’s a dark place to be, and I become someone unrecognisable and scary, but he has been there through good and bad. He has seen me through it all and forced crochet upon me to make me feel better in my darker moments. All of this blog stuff his fault and I love him for it.

I called it ‘the hole’ when I got proper upset. It’s a bit like retreating back into yourself in a place you don’t want to be nor can you see the end of. Because it’s unhappy and sad there seems to be no light. My immediate reaction when it happens is to try and ride it out by sleeping through it. This was never going to work.

Crafting and blogging has helped. It might not be the perfect answer to depression but it’s working for me. By setting myself goals of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday it gives me something to do, a goal to work towards each week and channels my energy into thinking of something to do. And do you know what? If I miss a post because I haven’t been at a computer, I don’t kick myself to bits like I would have in the summer, I say ‘oops, I’ll do one asap, and I’ll be really proud of that post’. I can look back on all my work and say ‘I’m proud of what I have done’.

Blogging has helped me learn new skills, try new things, reach out to new people and it’s now making me a little bit of money! I’m over the moon. I remember the first few posts and how proud I was when I got 1 view a day, or 1 more follower. I still feel that way. I’m so surprised at how well ThreadCetera is doing and I want to keep going as long as I can.

Today I’m going back to the doctors to tell them I can see the end but I need help getting there in case the bad times strike, and they do strike from time to time.

I will never forget the dark places I was in, and I pray that no one ever has to go through it, but if you ever do remember that you are not alone down there in the rabbit hole. In the moments you are strong enough to stick your head up the best thing you can do is tell someone, chances are they have noticed and they will want to help. The help will seem strange and you might not understand why they are giving you these words that might not help just now, but think it over. Everyone who tells you something is doing it cause they care. Consider it making toast for you, not really getting the right level of crisp you like but in the end they are still giving you toast. The toast is the fact you needed someone to care.

From what I’ve learned sometimes it’s really good to listen, sometimes it’s good to talk. A little from both columns can go a long way.

Well, that and a whole lot of crochet!

Love youse,
~Emma @ThreadCetera

Oil Pastel Etching: A Quick Guide

picture017I’ve taken to art since being diagnosed with depression. I find it’s just best to give the mind a break every once in a while and be able to focus purely on the task at hand. Etching is perfect.

Oil pastel etching is essentially layering up pastels, dark colour on light,  and then using a skewer or cocktail stick to create the pattern n top, revealing the pattern below.

I’ve seen a few examples of pretty animals, tropics, psychedelic scenes etc, but I’m currently indulging in the note behind the picture.

The best bit about etching is that you can be as detailed or as plain as you like depending on your design:

What you need:

  • Oil Pastels- colours of choice and a black
  • Good quality sketch paper, normal printer paper will be too thin
  • cocktail sticks or preferably a kebab BBQ skewer
  • pencil (optional)

1- If choosing a message or lyric, like me, sketch out block lettering across the space. It is best to colour this in contrast to the background. If you are going colour, do the lettering white. If you are having a white backdrop, then do this in colour. When shading, make the layers thick and wipe away any spare ‘crumbs’ left by the pastel.

2- Shade the rest of the background. Go wild, sometimes I like to just go wacky colours sometimes I shade some of the paper and draw shapes. There is really no one size fits all.

3- Layer up black. Black all over the page, cover everything. It may seem a shame to cover the picture but trust me, tick black layer all over.

4- Etch. Draw anything. Of you are stuck for ideas I like to draw a big swirl and follow the outside lines round for a bit to see where it goes. As I said, be as detailed as you like. I like to draw all over the page then draw lines inside the lines so that the text is easier to read. I’ve seen others that do not need as much detail. The effect is always awesome. You cannot mess one of these up!

As long as you follow the colour layer, black layer, etch formula you cannot go wrong!

I find the best effect comes from lots of tiny little lines together rather than scraping out a whole section. It just looks far more intricate.

Here’s mine:

And many things happened

I’ve been uber busy lately.

Tackling this depression thing head on, trying to make positive changes, I’ve been accepted back into uni and changed my job. My friends have been so supportive (<3) and manpal has been amazing.

As a result I’ve found myself away from the blogosphere and away from craft. I’m sorry. D=

I’ve been doing little bits and pieces for a craft fair I’m doing in a few days time. I’ll update details in due course.

Getting back into crafting now I’ve calmed down and have more focus. Things can only get better.