ThreadCetera at Glasgow by Gaslight

glasgow by gaslight

So ThreadCetera will be selling at the Glasgow by Gaslight Steampunk convention!

Goods on sale include:

– Steampunk charms
– handmade charm necklaces
– Geeky Gaming gloves
– Crochet Victorian lace
-Abusive mug cosys
– Top hats and Cats

All with a distinctly Steampunk theme!

Pop down and say hello! Next Saturday 12-5pm!

Iron Man Pin-Cushion Pattern

DSCF2331After the great dress-making dummy purchase of May, I decided I needed to really up my game with the rest of my dress making tool. I’ve started with my pincushion.

I loved the Avengers film. I’m more a DC girl than a Marvel but I do love a good lot of hunky men and kick ass ladies saving the world. So I’ve decided to make a range of pincushions themed around it.

I’ve started with Iron Man. =D


It was really easy to make. 2 basic parts, a bit of embroidery and Robert is your father’s brother… (Bob’s your uncle. It took me a while to figure out. D= #slow)

The pattern for this easy chappy is available as a Ravelry Download on PDF for only 50p!!

Click Here

Geeky Tuesday #3 SackBoy

Little Big Planet is one of the happiest games I’ve played and sackboy is up there as being the cutest.

I love seeing Sackboy all dressed up as Iron Man or a wizard or ghost. It’s adorable.


Amigurumi designer Emjay Bailey has got to be one of the most talented of people. Her website Nerdgurumi (click for link) hosts a plethora of cute, strange, geeky, awesome designs that are constantly being pinned onto Pintrest by yours truly =3

I’ve tried a few of her things before and they always turn out awesome.

This pattern is available for free as a Ravelry download.

Happy hooking!

Geeky Tuesday #2 Strongbad

Hello again another Tuesday!

This weeks geek out is close to my heart. Strongbad is one of my favorite cartoon characters, I had spent countless hours watching episodes and then worryingly trying to talk like him.

The designer Aleta Fera has done really well to get the sizing right for all the different parts and I love the face.


This is a fan pattern made free and can be found here.

I will definitely be giving this one a go!

Geeky Tuesday #1- The Claptrap

I love Crochet. I love it to bits. Since finding it it has come in useful, been calming, and been an endless source of fun.

Ravelry is a fantastic website for patterns, finished products and sharing the wooly love. I’m a big fan. I’ve been digging through the yarn to find some of my favorite patterns on here.

I present my Geeky Tuesday collection; the best of ravelry geekiness blogged Tuesdays.

This week I’m in love with Claptrap from Borderlands, I played this recently and it’s really funny, high octane fun. I love the animation style.


This little guy is so cute, loving the pipe cleaners and the button eye. Hats off to the designer.

This free pattern is available by camaharet as a Rav download. You should check it out!

New Etsy Stock!

necklaces EMMA CRAFT 111necklaces EMMA CRAFT 096We have been busy! New etsy stock is up in our ThreadCetera store ready to order and ship!

We have been working on necklaces this week, using salvaged charms and crochet to create something cute, kitch and fun. Retailing at £4 (without P+P) they are a snap! Check them out!

For links click the pictures above

Crochet Lelya Cowl


So I bought myself a dress makers dummy off the internet. It’s made itself quite the feature in my room. I find it useful for taking pictures of the things I make because selfies are awful. =3

I’ve been using a book called Crochet One-Skein-Wonders by Judith Durnant, I bought the kindle edition for it is much easier to carry around and cheaper too.

The book is marvellous! It has so many quick and easy to follow projects, Judith has put a glossary of all stitches at the back and links you back to them when anything new crops up. The patterns themselves are lovely, not basic dull patterns but much more intricate patterns that take into account those times when you see that lovely patterned ball of wool that for some reason you only buy one of. D=

I completed the Lelya cowl pattern that was completed in rounds. I used Sidar Montana merino wool in the red/blue/green. My boyfriend had bought me a previous shade of the same wool that had crocheted up really nicely before so I was dying to try something new with it.


The Lelya cowl worked a combination of single crochet, half double and slip stitches. It was the easiest =3

See you soon!


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Captain America Sheild Applique- Free Taster Pattern

DSCF2419So I’ve been working on a super awesome super hero (see what I did?) project recently. It’s going to to look real funky when finished and will be going up for sale real soon.

Part of it needed a mini applique using baby stars.

I never realized how much of a nightmare it was to find a star pattern that didn’t leave you with a star the size of your nose! After much much fiddling and playing I have finally finished mine. I’ve worked the pattern in 2 parts, shield and star and sewn the 2 together. I’m a massive fan of using up your spare yarn ends so I’m not specific with wool types or shades, using up ends of vaguely the right colour is cheaper and much more satisfying.

Here is the ThreadCetera Free taster pattern for the Captain America shield applique, complete with baby star 😉

-White wool
-Blue Wool (I’ve used a navy blue because I had lots of spare scraps)
-2.5 mm crochet hook
-Knitters needle

Abbriviations to note:
[x]= this at the end of the line denotes how many stitches you should have if you counted round the circle. If you have trouble keeping count, putting a stitch marker in your first stitch helps a lot.
sc- Single Crochet

Shield- Blue wool
Slip knot wool onto hook, Chain 2

Round 1- 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook, do not join, we are working continuous rounds [6 stitches in round]
Round 2- 2 sc in each sc around) [12]
Round 3-  (sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc) around [18]
Round 4- (sc in next 2 sc, 2sc in next sc) around [24]
Round 5- (sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc) acound Fasten off. [30]

Star- White wool
Slip knot wool onto hook, Foundation chain 5, slip stitch into the first chain to make a ring.

For this part, we will not be working in rounds or rows, we aim to make 5 points. Each point of the star is worked into the centre ring made and finished. This is what makes it a tiny baby star!

-Chain 3, Triple Crochet into the ring, chain 3, slip stitch into the ring.

Do this 5 times, on the last time fasten off.

Make sure all ends have been sewn into your work using your knitters needle. I find it useful to sew round edges to make them sturdier.Use a length of white wool and your knitters needle to apply the white star into the middle of the blue circle made. I find it particularly useful to sew the end of each point individually as well in order to give them extra ‘pointedness’.
Trim any leftovers with your scissors.


This pattern is also available as a free Ravelry download, (click for link) for those who like me like to add things to the kindle for a later date.

Look ouy for our full pattern soon!

Happy Crocheting! See you Sunday.

~ThreadCetera Xx


Day 4- Bunting: the crochet staple.

DSCF1917Every crochet magazine worth it’s weight in salt has some form of bunting pattern, triangle art etc. It’s so very easy and instantly gratifying! Bunting is one of these glorious things that can be done in any colour, size and for any room. I’ve used a dark green, blue and grey I found in my beloved pound shop.


This bunting was finished when I was at the Student Gaming Nationals in Sheffield. (It kept me calm and I avoided shouting at the geeky idiots). I find about 6 triangles makes a decent length of bunting. With this one I have outlined each trianle. I’m not sure about it, It might have looked darker and manlier if I hadn’t bothered. What do you think?