Sweet-Heart Crochet Bunting

On Saturday afternoon I found myself alone in the house and at a loss of what to do. All my normal tasks were done, I didn’t really want to go out… so I made bunting! (while watching Dave, top gear is oddly therapeutic)

Using a fairly standard pattern (many patterns start from the bottom and work up into the point like this one, others work into the ring) I have made 6 hearts in varying colours to match a pink sweetheart theme and teamed them with a white crochet rope. They would look beautiful in a little girls bedroom!

IMAG1706 IMAG1707

As per ThreadCetera ways, I found this project a really good way of using wool ends of various colours I appear to have been hogging. I’ve used various baby knitting wools, chunky and double knits in order to add to the shabby chic effect.

This item is now available on the etsy store to ship immediately!

Day 4- Bunting: the crochet staple.

DSCF1917Every crochet magazine worth it’s weight in salt has some form of bunting pattern, triangle art etc. It’s so very easy and instantly gratifying! Bunting is one of these glorious things that can be done in any colour, size and for any room. I’ve used a dark green, blue and grey I found in my beloved pound shop.


This bunting was finished when I was at the Student Gaming Nationals in Sheffield. (It kept me calm and I avoided shouting at the geeky idiots). I find about 6 triangles makes a decent length of bunting. With this one I have outlined each trianle. I’m not sure about it, It might have looked darker and manlier if I hadn’t bothered. What do you think?