Handmade Purse and Free Fabric

DSCF0078I made this purse for the friend Cia’s birthday. It was one of my first proper projects on my sewing machine.

I’ve been working on a range, trying to figure out what works well; cotton? linen? pvc?

I found that on the John Lewis JL mini sewing machine, it cannot take fabric tougher than denim so PVC is out the question, especially if one wants to line the purse.

I would recommend trying out with fabric samples before ever committing to lots and lots of fabric that your machine can’t handle! Lots of websites offer free samples of different fabrics. A few of my favorites are:

For this purse I used John Lewis cotton fabric inside and out. Lining is essential, it gives the purse more shape and functionality (and itf used as a make up bag then makes it so much easier to clean!)


For decoration I used a mixture of buttons, lace and these adorable charms found on sale in millers art store in Glasgow.


I can say I’ve progressed a bit more on my sewing machine. I can do skirts now… but that is a blog for another day.



Day 2- Quick Crochet Dice Bag


Day 2 is Tuessday. On Tuesday nights I role play with pals, playing as a crazy gardener who is the daughter of the God of Fertility. We roll D10s. If you haven’t met these before, they are just dice with 10 sides. It blew my mind too when I first discovered them.

Because I’m constantly forgetting my dice to the annoyance of my party members I decided to crochet myself a bag. I’ve used a pattern from Issue 2 Simply Crochet for a Soap Saver. The idea is you can put your soap ends in the bag and use it to lather them up and give yourself a good ol’ scrub.  I enjoy the pattern because it is stretchy yet strong. It gives a lot of room but still retains shape.

The drawstring aspect is a perfect close for dice, easy to get into when I need to roll 7 d10 for a Perception/Awareness check. Intelligence/Botany rolls are my favorite, they generally mean I’m doing fun things with plants.

I also have stats in flower arranging. I’ve only used it once. Sadface. Maybe my dice can find something to use it for.