Back to the Crafting Future.


It’s been a while hasn’t it?

My world has been craft free for a while. Going back to university, becoming president of the Glasgow University Gaming Society, uni reading, moving house, reading more, essay hand ins…

In fact, I hadn’t picked up any sort of crochet hook or knitting needle until January! And it’s good to do it again.

I’ve been learning how to knit properly- working on lace patterns and will work up to cabling. It’s fun! My sister gave me the Cath Kidson knitting roll and it’s given me the burst to learn different types of knitting.

So… this is me warning about the number of knitting posts and pictures of ammeter lace, cables and all sorts that will coming up! It’s nice to be back. I’ve missed youse.

Geeky Tuesday #5 Star Wars Beanie

Yes it’s Summer, but let’s face it. I’m from Glasgow where I can expect a rainfall to last months and cold snaps to set in momentarily. I like to prepare for such eventualities by stocking up my warm clothing.

These star war beanies are precious. I love them. Size them up for a big head (a la my manpal) or down for kids. The pattern is really easy to follow.

Love it. Pattern by designer Jen Spears via Ravelry.

New etsy Stock! Shrinkies necklaces!

After the success of the craft fair, we have updated our online stock via etsy!

A selection of our shrink plastic necklaces are for sale at only £1.50! A snap! Here’s a few of my favorites:

I had the most fun making them all, designing things I love is really satisfying.

Check them out

Geeky Tuesday #4 Avatar Blanket

Now I haven’t watched a lot of Avatar. However my manpal is a fan, he watched quite a bit of the season with Korra in it with me. He likes to think about what sort of bender he is, he settled on earth- big, strong, calm, forceful. He decided I was fire- passionate, quick to emotion, angry.

Thanks? =S

I love this crochet blanket pattern on Rav by designer Kimby77. It’s geeky yet beautiful and could work in any home. And it’s free!

ThreadCetera at Glasgow by Gaslight

glasgow by gaslight

So ThreadCetera will be selling at the Glasgow by Gaslight Steampunk convention!

Goods on sale include:

– Steampunk charms
– handmade charm necklaces
– Geeky Gaming gloves
– Crochet Victorian lace
-Abusive mug cosys
– Top hats and Cats

All with a distinctly Steampunk theme!

Pop down and say hello! Next Saturday 12-5pm!

And many things happened

I’ve been uber busy lately.

Tackling this depression thing head on, trying to make positive changes, I’ve been accepted back into uni and changed my job. My friends have been so supportive (<3) and manpal has been amazing.

As a result I’ve found myself away from the blogosphere and away from craft. I’m sorry. D=

I’ve been doing little bits and pieces for a craft fair I’m doing in a few days time. I’ll update details in due course.

Getting back into crafting now I’ve calmed down and have more focus. Things can only get better.


ThreadCetera on Etsy!

ThreadCetera on Etsy!

The best of ThreadCetera will now be sold on etsy! Click the link to be directed to my new etsy store where I will be updating with one off original handmade items!

First item now updated, forest themed crochet fingerless gloves, and will be followed by different ranges.

My philosophy is simple- items I sell will be 100% hand made and originally designed. I may draw inspiration from those around me however all my patterns and items will be unique in design, little labours of love!

I hope you can find the time to check them out!

Exciting times!!

Anxiety and Craft; the reason I do what I do.

Hello there!

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog, checked back frequently to see my endeavours and clicked the link button. It means so very much!

I want to be honest about why I’ve been blogging recently.

My crafting has meant a lot to me. Recently I’ve been put on antidepressants, had anxiety attacks and found it hard to keep my head above the waters of the everyday. My crafting has been a way out of this.

I’ve been crocheting, sticking, paper hording, knotting, sewing etc like a mad lady! It keeps me busy and I find it hard to get upset with a craft to play with nearby. I find doing something productive gives me more purpose and keeps my mind from thinking too much about what upsets me until I’m ready to deal.

I spoke to a friend about it, he called his experiences with it ‘small victories’ and the best way out the dark hole was to do something productive that gave you a sense of achievement  I totally agree. I would totally recommend it.

Finishing a crochet flower or a pretty ribbon project that I can sit back and look at makes me happy. I have something to show. At the end my head is clearer and I can tackle what it was that upset me.

Everyone is different. This won’t work for everyone, but it works for me.

Crying and crocheting is near impossible. Trust me, I tried. Crochet won.

Thanks to everyone whose read the blog, viewed a page, said something nice about my projects. It means a lot and hell… keeps me out of trouble.

Here’s to many many more!

~Emma @ ThreadCetera