Back to the Crafting Future.


It’s been a while hasn’t it?

My world has been craft free for a while. Going back to university, becoming president of the Glasgow University Gaming Society, uni reading, moving house, reading more, essay hand ins…

In fact, I hadn’t picked up any sort of crochet hook or knitting needle until January! And it’s good to do it again.

I’ve been learning how to knit properly- working on lace patterns and will work up to cabling. It’s fun! My sister gave me the Cath Kidson knitting roll and it’s given me the burst to learn different types of knitting.

So… this is me warning about the number of knitting posts and pictures of ammeter lace, cables and all sorts that will coming up! It’s nice to be back. I’ve missed youse.

Geeky Tuesday #10 Film Geek Scarf

So autumn is well and truly in, lets wrap up and hit the library.

This week I’m loving this film reel inspired scarf by¬†AZURE KNITS+, I’m finding it simple but stiking.

The pattern itself has good reviews, the photos show off the scarf perfectly.

Me? I’m bundled in as many scarves as possible because it does not matter how warm or cold it is outside, in the library its hella cold once you sit on your backside reading books for hours… I complain, but I love it really. ūüėČ

I’m off to Study!

Whats your favorite film?
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Makers Market this Saturday!!!


Well aren’t we super excited?

We apologize for the lack if updates but we have been doing lots of makers market making… oh and struggling with university administration, but that is another story.

We will be updating this week with sneak peaks of our new products.

Hillhead Library
Look for the crochet, the geeky and the lovely new banner!!

Geeky Tuesday #9 THE BRAIN!


This post is for all the Zombies out there. This hat, for those of you with a taste for brains, is delicious!

I saw this and went YESBLOGITNOW I was so excited. I think one of the things I love most about yarn crafts is the range of things that you can make. This isn’t just your average scarf or hat you might expect your granny to give you at Christmas, this is properly clever design that makes you laugh and wonder how hard it is to put together.

This hat by¬†Lani Rae’s Ravelry Patterns¬†is a fairly hard difficulty so perhaps isn’t for the faint hearted of you, but I bet everyone could imagine a ¬†situation this hat would be perfect for. ¬† (I’d want to wear it to an exam, and when people mentioned it after staring in silence for hours I’d say ‘I just thought I needed the extra brain power’) =D

Epic Giveaway Winner! And a big thank you!

The winners are in!

We can proudly announce that Cat T. via Facebook is our lucky winner of our crochet and craft goodies prize pool.

In the end we had over 120 entries! This is a massive step from the 5 followers I had by the start of the year!

I would like to take this opportunity again to thank every single follower (YOU, yes YOU!), liker, sharer, reblogger, retweeter, favoriter… you all know who you are. Without you guys this all wouldn’t have happened. I’m feel so very blessed to have been given the strength and drive to keep going with the blog. I love it. I can’t imagine my days without ThreadCetera!

We will be running another competition with a different twist in October time, stay tuned!

Thanks for all joining in!
Emma @ ThreadCerera

Geeky Tuesday #7 Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet

by TinyOwlKnits

This week I’m gearing up for University term going back! I can’t wait! Books, lectures, reading lists, classes about magical creatures… Ok maybe that last one isn’t true but I think this bracelet was too cute not to have a link in sentence.

This lovely Pattern by¬†Tiny Owl Knits¬†is an intricate piece of craft, incorporating knitting and jewelry craft and more importantly, caring. This project isn’t just a lovely pattern, this is a whole zen ‘life changing’ project created to guide you into doing nice things for others.

The concept is lovely, you earn your charms by doing nice things for others, the environment, animals and the ones you love. Only once completing a task can you knit your charm and add it to your bracelet.

It makes the charm bracelet mean more to you, making lovely memories and being really special.

ThreadCetera will be making one! The lovely Cia Jackson over at Red Head Knits will be my knitting companion on this journey through stitches I have never tried and we will be blogging our progress in pictures! I, for one, am the most excited crafter! See what Cia has to say about it here.

See the designers video over at

Epic Giveaway Closing Soon!

We are so so close!

It’s been a busy week of orders, designing, crochet and misc. other at ThreadCetera HQ. To celebrate the blog love and craft support we are holding an EPIC GIVEAWAY!!!1!!

The blog has nearly 100 followers, and we are so excited about round numbers that when ThreadCetera hits 100 we are giving special prizes away!
-Custom Set of Superhero Gaming Gloves to keep your hands warm!
-Special Mug cosy to keep your tea warm!
-‘Zap’ Superhero necklace to keep you looking snazzy.

Entering is easy. WordPress users can simply click ‘Follow’ on the blog page and all followers will be entered into the competition. Facebook users can simply share this post answering this question ‘Who is your favorite hero?’


We at ThreadCetera are so thankful to everyone who has shared, commented, followed and liked us thus far and want to give a little back.

The competition will close Tuesday 3rd September at 6pm with winners being announced on Wednesday 4th at 12pm.

Terms and Conditions:
1- Every follow and share will be counted once. If you do both (share on facebook and follow on WordPress) you will be given 2 entries. No more than 2 entries per person.
2- Winners will be drawn at random from the overall pool of people. This will be done with an independent adjudicator present.
3- If Winners do not wish part of the prize pool then they are required to let us know in advance. Postage will happen on completion of the custom gloves order; 5 working days after notification has been received by ThreadCetera of the hero desired.
4- Winners are given 1 week to decide on the type of gloves they would like. This can be relayed via facebook, wordpress, or direct email at
5- If after 1 week we do not receive any confirmation, ThreadCetera will assume the prize has been forfeited and we will run another give away in mid September.
6- Winners are allowed to ask for prizes to be sent as a gift to someone else, postage will be made directly to the chosen person.
7- Winners are not expected to pay for postage, even international, because of the goodwill nature of the competition.
8- Any queries about the competition should be sent to

Winners will be contacted privately first to inform them on the evening of Tuesday 03 September. If the winner chooses to remain private this will need to be specified in advance.

Geeky Tuesday #6 Merida from Brave + Epic Giveaway time

When Disney made Merida as a self sufficient fate holding ‘I don’t¬†need no man’ princess I was cheering. She is a great Disney princess! Not only can I not dream of firing an arrow like her but I will never be able to rock that hair.

Everyone needs her in their life. With this lovely pattern by Jana Whitley they can!

Now, what is this about a giveaway you say Emma?

Well, ThreadCetera has come on leaps and bounds from taking pictures of my paper-mache ¬†Saturday nights. We’ve learned about crochet, knitting, the world of Pinterest, geekdom and so much more. We’ve even hit the craft market circuit!

Here on WordPress we are only 8 followers away from magic ONE HUNDRED!

In celebration of this we are holding the ThreadCetera EPIC GIVEAWAY!

As soon as we hit ONE HUNDRED we will be giving away:

a custom set of gloves, 
a charm necklace 
and a mug cosy 

to one lucky follower! Everyone who has already followed will automatically be put into the pool and will be selected at random when we hit the magic number.

Keep your eyes open for pictures of the goodies coming up!

The most excited! See you soon!
~Emma @ ThreadCetera 

Sweet-Heart Crochet Bunting

On Saturday afternoon I found myself alone in the house and at a loss of what to do. All my normal tasks were done, I didn’t really want to go out… so I made bunting! (while watching Dave, top gear is oddly therapeutic)

Using a fairly standard pattern (many patterns start from the bottom and work up into the point like this one, others work into the ring) I have made 6 hearts in varying colours to match a pink sweetheart theme and teamed them with a white crochet rope. They would look beautiful in a little girls bedroom!

IMAG1706 IMAG1707

As per ThreadCetera ways, I found this project a really good way of using wool ends of various colours I appear to have been hogging. I’ve used various baby knitting wools, chunky and double knits in order to add to the shabby chic effect.

This item is now available on the etsy store to ship immediately!

#SupportCrafting Dragon Flower Jewllery

Dragon Flower Jewellery is the beautiful handmade jewelery store of Phillipa Ramsey-Baggs AKA my pal Pip.  She draws inspiration from her love of the chivalric and the world of geekdom (the avengers appears many times in her work) in creating a range of jewellery, stitch markers, bookmarks and, of course, dragons.

Pip runs the lovely blog over at Dreaming of Dragons¬†which updates daily with various crafty goodness that inspires her; etsy, pintrest, yarn etc. Every day is something new! She is one of these rare types I call a ‘dualcrafter’- knitting and crocheting. O_O

Each piece she makes is handcrafted in Scotland. They are highly customisable in design and colour and made to order via her etsy store.

Even better! She will be selling at the Byres Road Makers Market this September!
Show her love by either:
Following her blog
Repinning her lovely things
Liking her on Facebook
Buying her lovely things on etsy