Epic Giveaway Closing Soon!

We are so so close!

It’s been a busy week of orders, designing, crochet and misc. other at ThreadCetera HQ. To celebrate the blog love and craft support we are holding an EPIC GIVEAWAY!!!1!!

The blog has nearly 100 followers, and we are so excited about round numbers that when ThreadCetera hits 100 we are giving special prizes away!
-Custom Set of Superhero Gaming Gloves to keep your hands warm!
-Special Mug cosy to keep your tea warm!
-‘Zap’ Superhero necklace to keep you looking snazzy.

Entering is easy. WordPress users can simply click ‘Follow’ on the blog page and all followers will be entered into the competition. Facebook users can simply share this post answering this question ‘Who is your favorite hero?’


We at ThreadCetera are so thankful to everyone who has shared, commented, followed and liked us thus far and want to give a little back.

The competition will close Tuesday 3rd September at 6pm with winners being announced on Wednesday 4th at 12pm.

Terms and Conditions:
1- Every follow and share will be counted once. If you do both (share on facebook and follow on WordPress) you will be given 2 entries. No more than 2 entries per person.
2- Winners will be drawn at random from the overall pool of people. This will be done with an independent adjudicator present.
3- If Winners do not wish part of the prize pool then they are required to let us know in advance. Postage will happen on completion of the custom gloves order; 5 working days after notification has been received by ThreadCetera of the hero desired.
4- Winners are given 1 week to decide on the type of gloves they would like. This can be relayed via facebook, wordpress, or direct email at threadcetera@gmail.com
5- If after 1 week we do not receive any confirmation, ThreadCetera will assume the prize has been forfeited and we will run another give away in mid September.
6- Winners are allowed to ask for prizes to be sent as a gift to someone else, postage will be made directly to the chosen person.
7- Winners are not expected to pay for postage, even international, because of the goodwill nature of the competition.
8- Any queries about the competition should be sent to threadcetera@gmail.com

Winners will be contacted privately first to inform them on the evening of Tuesday 03 September. If the winner chooses to remain private this will need to be specified in advance.


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