Geeky Tuesday #6 Merida from Brave + Epic Giveaway time

When Disney made Merida as a self sufficient fate holding ‘I don’t need no man’ princess I was cheering. She is a great Disney princess! Not only can I not dream of firing an arrow like her but I will never be able to rock that hair.

Everyone needs her in their life. With this lovely pattern by Jana Whitley they can!

Now, what is this about a giveaway you say Emma?

Well, ThreadCetera has come on leaps and bounds from taking pictures of my paper-mache  Saturday nights. We’ve learned about crochet, knitting, the world of Pinterest, geekdom and so much more. We’ve even hit the craft market circuit!

Here on WordPress we are only 8 followers away from magic ONE HUNDRED!

In celebration of this we are holding the ThreadCetera EPIC GIVEAWAY!

As soon as we hit ONE HUNDRED we will be giving away:

a custom set of gloves, 
a charm necklace 
and a mug cosy 

to one lucky follower! Everyone who has already followed will automatically be put into the pool and will be selected at random when we hit the magic number.

Keep your eyes open for pictures of the goodies coming up!

The most excited! See you soon!
~Emma @ ThreadCetera 

2 thoughts on “Geeky Tuesday #6 Merida from Brave + Epic Giveaway time

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