A Long Holiday…I brought you back something

So I haven’t blogged in awhile, appologies.

It’s been a season of work, learning crafts, cheering up, being social and planning business ventures. The ThreadCetera team have been busy.

We have been booking summer craft stalls, making bits and bobs and trying to get ThreadCetera.co.uk ready for public viewing.  Needless to point out my lack of technical expertise has been a hinderance!

So to make up  for this we have made a blog post for every day this week!!

Everyday this week I will be premiering a new ThreadCetera original, some with FREE patterns and ‘how tos’, and crochet step by steps! We will be seeing:

  • How to make baby kitten amigurumi
  • Driftwood art pictures
  • How to master the art of single crochet and beyond
  • much more!!

Also, if that wasn’t enough crafty enough for you, we will be launching the offical ThreadCetera twitter account, so be sure to follow us!


See you tomorrow!!

threadcetera home page logo

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