A Special Mother’s Day: Vintage Crochet



Happy Mother’s Day!

Today mine was rather special. I learned a little bit about my family history and gained an heirloom.

I visited my Nana who had heard of my new found love of crochet. She had been digging out her patterns and found my this book, a 20p crochet magazine printed 1966. Vintage!

I also have the honor of being able to hold and now own 3 crochet doilies, completed in silk thread. They are beautiful. Completed about 1930-40, they are the work of my great granny- my mum’s, mum’s mum.



There are 2 round doilies and 1 oval, I’m really intrested in the oval. It’s very intricate.

It’s lovely to know something I love doing now has been in my family for generations.

I can’t wait to get right into the patterns! Crochet through the ages!



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