Crafting Pals; Part 2- UHU Glue

Today’s crafting pal is one of the best friends you’ll ever come across. UHU glue sticks EVERYTHING  to EVERYTHING.

Paper to paper? Sure! Fabric to fabric? Yeah! Paper to Fabric to sequins and yarn? Absolutely! Beads to yarn to paper to doilies to… you get the idea.

I find it really useful as a tacking agent before using a lot of wool, I have a liking for wrapping wool round hoops and bottles… things I will show you when said projects are complete. It only takes a few minutes to tact dry and I leave for much longer to dry completely. It is much stronger than your average prit stick and easier to use than PVA. It’s one of the easiest things to use when card making, I can’t stand pva bottles…

It does have its drawbacks; it acts like mozzarella  stringing all over the joint until you sever the thread. To get round this squeeze with the lid nearby and put back on when done to avoid any more coming out the tube. As much as I love tea lights, this stuff is flammable so don’t go using any during that candlelit dinner.

I discovered this once more in my faithful pound shop. A tube generally lasts about 3 weeks if you use some every day (I do =D) and it is the glorious price of £1. It is stocked beside the hardware section and generally it is at the stores discretion if they want to sell to under 16s (not a dangerous substance but not child friendly I had it explained to me as I watched a girl be refused).

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