Mastering Crochet…


OK so mastering is an exaggeration, but I’m getting there!

I’ve managed to figure out how to do magic circles, slip knots, single crochet, double crochet… and probably a few other things I don’t realize I’m doing yet. Sometimes I follow patterns other times I go ‘sod it’ and just start hooping and knotting in a way that seems sensible (see above).

The pictures here are my first attempt at a larger flower, other projects I’ve done thus far have been very small so I decided to branch out. I made a clear mistake in the second hoop of white in that I did it the wrong way round (the joins between the colours are showing) but otherwise I feel it turned out OK.

I used the yarn and hook that came with issue 2 of ‘knit and stitch’ that my manpal brought in when I was ill during the week. He is a wee gem. The colours are lovely; a lilac and a cream and the hook was a 5.5mm which I’m finding easier to use than the 4.0mm.

I’m currently working on a super secret crochet project for a certain day in February and I need all the practice I can get!



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