Crafting Pals; Part 1- Cheap Wool


When you are crafting on the cheap it’s good to know where you can pick up things to ‘play’ with. If I’m not working on a serious project then I refuse to pay more for materials than I have to.

I’m in the process of learning how to crochet, and results can vary. I was looking for cheap wool in interesting colours I wouldn’t feel to bad about if petals didn’t really take shape.

Poundland stores (most UK high streets) do a lovely 3 balls for the price of 2, £2 in case you needed the maths, making it about 67p a ball. I counted 12 colours on one stand, although this varied from shop to shop. I feel when it’s p. cheap then you don’t feel guilty about buying the more outrageous colours. Magenta and turquoise anyone?

Yeah, you feel a bit like an old lady going into a pound shop in the first place, and then heading to the wool section, but I feel poundland is a gem. You end up walking past things and say ‘oh, that would be useful’. I’m probably getting old, eh?

I would suggest that 1.5 balls is enough for a medium sized pair of crochet gloves (or so my toasty hands can tell you).


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