The Black and White Button Project.


After spending hours lusting after button crafts on Pintrest, I finally got round to making my own version. I decided to use a slightly funky looking helvetica ‘e’ found using the old google (for yours truly, of course) to make a small wall hanging.

I made myself a button craft kit:

  • Jar of buttons £7.99 Remnant Kings for about 80
  • Felt £0.30 Remnant kings for a square
  • Cross Stitch Ring £2.00 John Lewis
  • Black thread
  • Embroidery needle

1- I stenciled this onto the felt using a blunt pencil (so as not to cause too much drag or unwanted holes) before stretching the felt out into the cross stitch hoop.
2- Once secure I laid out my buttons onto the felt in a rough pattern, to get a better idea of what buttons to use and how they would look once finished. I recommend doing this before securing anything because, if you are anything like me, you might change your mind and it’s easy to do the old tip it all off rather than the harder ‘must unpick ALL the stitches’.
3- Lay out your pattern bit by bit onto your work surface as it was on your felt. Thread your needle.
4- It’s not mandatory, but I outlined my pattern in black thread to help it stand out, I didn’t use many tiny buttons to my edges remained defined because of outlining.
5-Start with the bigger buttons, it’s easier to fit the smaller ones around the larger ones, especially at the edges. Work outwards from these buttons. You’ll be surprised how many buttons will end up moving drastically after this. Make sure the thread is tidy at the back by trimming it. White felt is pretty see-through.
6- Once all the buttons are in place, embroider the rest of the name in the empty space, my pattern lends itself to name on the right. Doing the rest of the name smaller allows your buttons to remain the focal point.


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