Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String…

This Christmas, I’ve gone down the recycle and on a budget route for my Christmas wrapping.  Maybe I just like a bit of the old ‘hipster’ too much, but I think the reused look feels more personal than a thick wad of paper that is only bought to be thrown away. Plus I saved myself a bunch! My inner thrift merchant can’t stand watching hard earned money literally being torn up in front of her eyes.

And well… who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of craft at Christmas.

For my Mums presents, we went for a very simple plain theme. The frills and fancy stayed inside the parcel and instead we reused as much stuff we had kicking about as we could. my sister and I have used:

  • Brown paper- Art Store £0.39 per A1 Sheet
  • Red wool laced with tinsel- B+M home stores £1 for a pack of 5 balls, about 2 years ago. The make was Twilight, I cannot find a link that doesn’t search for the book…
  • Sticky backed gems- Poundland £1 for a pack of 50 various shades and colours
  • Gold Card- Poundland £1 for pack of 30 various coloured sheets

After seeing Chinese print newspaper used in a home fashion magazine I couldn’t wait to try it myself! Where could I find a newspaper, I asked myself. Low and behold what did I spy at my student union when I was going for a good ol’  RPG session? Couldn’t believe my luck. Now have a small stack of the stuff just in case, cause you just never know…For my sister and my boyfriends presents I have used:

  • Chinese print newspaper- free from Queen Margret Union at Glasgow University
  • Red Wool- as above
  • Red felt- Remnant Kings free for various scrap ends
  • Sticky backed gems– as above
  • Sequins- Poundland £1 for pack of various size, shapes and colours.

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